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The Symbology Anchor Jewelry

March 13, 2017

The Symbology Anchor Jewelry

Anchors are highly popular in tattoos but they have also made their mark in jewelry especially the symbology bracelets. Many celebrities are seen wearing anchor inspired jewelry and clothes.

It is not widely known that anchor was originally used by people on land and not by those on water. In the early years of Christianity, the Christians were under the rule of the Romans and to show their religion to other Christians they wore or tattooed the symbol on their bodies. It is known to be a symbol of strength as they hold down the ships in the stormiest weather. They are very close to the heart of the seafarers. For them, the water is their home and they hold a special significance for the anchor not just because of its connection to the ship but as it is a resemblance of strength and stability to them.

Anchor jewelry is also a symbol of withstanding difficult times and achieving success and prosperity in spite of the tough encounters. People who have faced a lot of difficult times wear the jewelry with this charm in the hope of better and brighter future. It indicates a person who is connected to its inner self and holds their core values dear to them.

We have our own bracelet with anchor hope charm which will remind you that you have the strength with you at all times and the guidance of god. This charm is very appropriately engraved with “hope” on its reverse side. The three-word charms and the glass bead accompanying this adjustable wire bangle bracelet give it a fancy look. This Symbology Anchor Bracelet is available in silver and brass color and is very easy to wear.

Sail on the voyage of your life with all the strength and courage and let god be your anchor throughout. But do not forget to keep it sensational with KIS Jewelry