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October 23, 2018


Fall is finally here!

The leaves changing colors, the seasons shifting, the days getting shorter and nights getting longer and nature is clearly giving out strong messages. October is the perfect time to set new goals – to introspect and reinvent yourself.

Autumn is always known its transformative, magical hues and the natural power and beauty that it brings with it. It brings a fresh change, a new outlook and an energetic vibe. Let’s not wait till the New Year to begin to set new goals – take advantage of this refreshing new season to set some short-term goals and make it come true before the year ends.

Adapt to the change

Autumn is changing everything in our surroundings and it clearly summons some positive change in our lives as well. Sit down and take time to analyze and introspect your shortcomings and see what you really want to change. It could be a small goal like waking up early or hitting the gym. Think of a few short goals and jot it down in a paper and paste it where you can return to often for a reminder and inspiration.

Set realistic deadlines

Seasonal goals should be short-term with reasonable deadlines. Set yourself a deadline for completion of the goal by the end of fall, which is by mid December. Track your everyday progress and stay focused each day. Setting milestones and celebrating small victories will motivate you and keep you going.

Have an attitude of gratitude

Be thankful to the almighty and all those who help you in the new efforts that you are taking for the betterment of yourself. And be thankful for the season for inspiring you to achieve more. Gratitude is best displayed every day and not just on the Thanksgiving day!

Positivity bracelet


This meaningful "Be Grateful" message bracelet with engraved word charms accented by a single crystal and a trendy tassel is sure to inspire you and keep you grounded. This fun style is great to stack with other Bandz bracelets or combine with bracelets from your own jewelry box.

Celebrate the Success

Once you have invested so much of time, energy and maybe even money for achieving your goal, it is a good reason for you to celebrate at the end of it. Once your hard work yields you a fruitful return, make plans to mark your accomplishment in the ways that you like.

 Autumn jewelry

This Garden of Life Necklace is a perfect piece of jewelry that you can gift yourself to honor the hard, strenuous efforts. Harvesting of crops is always a laborious task. But the fruit that you yield at the end makes up for all of it. This necklace is a symbolic representation of the same. It reminds us to appreciate nature and derive happiness and joy from the simple things of life.

This delicate garden-inspired necklace features finely detailed ladybug, floral heart and dove charms that are brightened up by tiny inlaid crystals and a rosy peach glass bead. Whimsical nature charms are engraved on the reverse with the words happiness, laughter, and joy.

This Autumn, as you watch the leaves change, take a step and bring a change in you.

Set new goals, transform and take a rebirth!


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