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The Power Of Colors

January 30, 2019

We are surrounded by colors everywhere and we live in a vibrant world. Colors have a huge impact on our everyday life as they can easily influence our emotions, moods, and feelings. There is a language to every color and each one has a different aspect to it. Although all the colors are unique and equally beautiful in its own way, we have to understand their energy and put them to right use at the right time.

Color is a powerful visual medium and is the best way to reflect and enhance your true personality. Your choice of color in your attire should be appropriate to the occasion and atmosphere to create the right vibe. Do not blindly ever choose a dress or jewelry in your favorite color without knowing its power and the subconscious associations that they make. The associations can change what people think when they meet you – especially important if it’s a formal or official meeting.

Let us find some interesting color associations to keep in mind when you dress up. 


Danger, passion, excitement and energy.

Freshness, youth, creativity, adventure.

Optimism, cheerfulness, playfulness. 

Nature, vitality, wealth. 

Communication, trust, calm. 

Royalty, spirituality. 


Want to see the power of color in action? 

KIS understands the true power of colors and it has designed jewelry keeping all these associations in mind, to help you stand out and to pass a positive vibe, wherever you go, whatever you do.

Let’s add a splash of color to your attire with these colorful beaded bracelets from the KIS.

Color Pop Beaded Bracelets

beaded bracelet

The color pop stackable bracelet comes in vibrant colors like hot pink, turquoise, purple that symbolizes cheerfulness and royalty. Stack them up or wear them alone – you are sure to make a mark.


Colorful BumbleBee Beaded Bracelet

colorful bracelets

This bracelet duo in beige and blue is a sweet reminder with a positive message inscribed in the charm that you are wonderful just the way you are. Two individual strands of shimmering iridescent glass beads are highlighted by tiny bumble bee charm, a pave' crystal heart, and a word plaque inscribed with a positive word to lift your mood.


Birthstone Bangle Bracelets

Colors and gemstones go hand in hand when it comes to jewelry. KIS has a range of birthstone bangle bracelets in 12 different gemstone colors, studded with the crystal stones symbolizing the birth month. This is a great gift option for birthdays for your loved ones.


Every color is beautiful and has its own fascinating facts. Check out all the beautiful colorful jewelry in our site and flaunt them as you own them.

Let’s embrace every spectrum of color and live a life that is as vibrant as a rainbow.

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