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Significance of the Symbology Buddha Bracelet

March 10, 2017

Significance of the Symbology Buddha Bracelet

The Buddha charm or pendant is one of the most significant spiritual charm worn my many people around the world. Buddha in Sanskrit means the awakened or the enlightened one. The one who has attained Bodhi (wisdom) is called a Buddha. Siddhartha, an Indian prince who was born in 563 BC gave up his lavish lifestyle and royal throne and devoted his life to search for wisdom and truth. He was named as the awakened one after he attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree in Buddh Gaya in India. After he met some of the most esteemed religious teachers and sought guidance from them, he started his journey to teach people how to achieve true joy and peace and gain wisdom. His followers devote their life to finding true wisdom and teach others the same. His teachings can be summed up as “Dharma” which means truth and the law which exists in man’s heart and mind.

The Buddha jewelry may it be a ring, necklace, pendant or a bracelet is worn by many people and has a very significant meaning to it. The amulets carved with an image of Buddha or with its inscriptions were worn for assistance on the path of enlightenment and for protection.  It is believed that wearing a Buddha bracelet helps the wearer stay positive in every situation. It also creates a positive ring around the hand which helps keep the negative energy away and makes way for all the positive energy. Followers also believe that the Buddha bracelets (Jewelry) when worn, attract health, wealth, and good fortune, and bring peace of mind, purify thoughts and enhance spirituality.

In today’s world of fashion and trends, we don’t want to have an inappropriate jewelry accessorized with our trendy outfit. Women especially are always conscious about blending the tribal or spiritual ornaments and charms with stylish and more fashionable outfits.

 Symbology Bracelet, Buddha

KIS Jewelry has thus brought to you a spiritual, simple yet stylish adjustable wire bangle bracelet with peaceful Buddha charm which can be added as an accessory as well as a talisman for protection. This bracelet will be a constant reminder of the limitless happiness and joy to be found within. This stunning Buddha charm bracelet has 3 small word charms and a Buddha charm with peace engraved on it. It can be opened and closed with ease and are a perfect fit for your wrist. It is available in silver and brass colors.

We have and always will strive to provide you with the most elegant and beneficial products for you just like this one. This Symbology Buddha Bracelet will help you and your family to stay protected and enhances your spiritual health.

Stay safe and be happy but don’t forget to keep it sensational.