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Have faith in God, he knows you better than yourself

March 14, 2017

Have faith in God, he knows you better than yourself

The people who struggle the most are chosen by God to be the strongest. If we are given heavy loads by the almighty, it only means that we deserve his time and trust. If God pushes you over towards the edge, you should trust him fully because he’ll either catch you when you fall or teach you to fly. But he will only push towards the edge when he knows you are ready to handle it. 

Our God Doesn’t Give Us Stamped with Love Necklace is a perfect reminder for each one of you that there is no situation that you are experiencing alone and that you are given this life as you are strong enough to handle it.

The God Doesn’t Give Us inspiring and empowering necklace is stamped with the words “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle”. This is a reminder that no matter what we face in life, we’ll come out stronger from the situation.

The power of this God Doesn’t Give Us Stamped Quote necklace is immeasurable. It is a beautiful symbol of belief, trust and strength just like the charms accompanying the message suggest. This stamped with love necklace is an evocative gift for someone who is currently fighting one of the life’s many battles and needs the reassurance that they will get through it no matter what and faith in God is all they need.

The swirled stamp design and the tri-toned charms on this stamped with the love God doesn’t give us necklace provide it with a fashionable and trendy finish. The charms can be taken off from the silver charm for the versatile day to day wear depending upon your preference. You can wear this necklace as a standalone or pair it up with your favorite KIS necklaces.