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A spectacular Amethyst for the February Born

March 13, 2017

A spectacular Amethyst for the February Born

For everyone who is born in the month of February, the Amethyst birthstone is traditional and special. Amethyst is associated with peace, stability, balance, courage, sincerity, inner strength, and calm disposition.

Gifting a piece of jewelry to your loved ones with the birthstone will bring good luck and protection to the wearer. KIS Jewelry has a special fashionable February birthstone wire bangle bracelet which is mainly known to strengthen the relationships of the wearer and give them courage. In the ancient times, only the royalty could wear this gemstone which is now a very special stone for the February-born. This symbology February birthstone was believed to be a guard against intoxication by the ancient Greeks. They also believed that this stone enables them to keep a balanced mindset. Amethyst actually comes from a Greek word amethystos which means sober.

The gemstone on the February Symbology Birthstone Bracelet carries a spectacular which ranges from deep violet and red to a lighter lilac color. The February birthstone wire bangle bracelet is currently available in brass and silver colors with a perfect Amethyst charm. Since this birthstone compliments both the warm and cool colors, it looks spectacular when set in both yellow and white metals.

The healing properties of this February Birthstone are considered to be very effective mainly for health problems related to the symptoms of withdrawal of any type of addiction, insomnia, headaches, circulatory system related issues arthritis and other general healing. The original symbolic meaning of the color purple was mourning and penitence. However, it later became a symbol of power, wealth and is strongly associated with royalty as the materials used for the dyes of purple were extremely expensive to produce.  

Celebrate your birthday all year long with our trendy and fashionable February birthstone expandable wire bangle bracelet. This February Birthstone Bracelet features a showy cluster of majestic amethyst crystals turned into a pretty charm. It also has three other charms with meaningful words like life, love and truth which adds value and makes this wire bangle bracelet a source of inspiration.

Let the color of royalty always make you feel on the top of the world. Have a birthday filled with peace, balance and calm and never forget to keep it sensational.