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Delicates Bracelet, Believe, Grey/Copper



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A miracle is something that seems impossible but happens anyway. It’s when you persist in believing that you can expect the extraordinary to surprise you.  Something as simple as a piece of jewelry can remind you to remain strong and never, ever give up. This versatile bracelet does double duty; it’s a pretty fashion piece that spells out a message of faith and reassurance.

Combined front and center are three distinctly different strands that give this bracelet an eye catching look. The grey heishi bead strand is highlighted by a copper tone disc that’s encrusted with black diamond crystals on one side and engraved with the word Believe on the reverse.  The silver bar is slightly arched to fit comfortably on the wrist and reads “Expect Miracle” and a row of shiny copper beads completes the look. The three strands are joined together on each side and attached to a pull chain closure that makes adjusting the size a breeze.

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