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Your new lucky clover charm

March 09, 2017

Your new lucky clover charm

A legend says that the man who finds the four leaf clover will find happiness. There is only one genuine 4 leaf clover in 10,000 ones. According to a Christian tradition, every leaf of the clover has a symbolic meaning. The first leaf symbolizes hope, the second faith, the third charity and the fourth luck. Whereas the Anglo-Saxon people believe that the four leaves symbolize fame, wealth, love and health respectively. Nowadays because of its popularity and significance, this charm is a part of many jewelry items. No matter that virtues people believe this leaf carry, the jewelry of this charm is worn by many people which align with their beliefs and personality.

It is also said that if you put a leaf under the pillow of your bed it will keep nightmares at bay. If slipped in the pocket of your loved one, he or she won’t be able to resist you and so on.

In our collection of chain charm bracelets, we have a stretchy mesh chain bracelet with clover charm well defined as the source of luck and happiness.  As this charm is internationally recognized as a symbol of luck people usually wear clover charm bracelets and other jewelry to have luck with them at all times.

 Max Metal Bracelet with Clover charm

Our clover charm bracelet is available in chocolate, brass, shiny gold, bright silver, hematite and silver ox colors and can be paired with other expandable bangle bracelets. This delicate and easy to wear stretchy mesh chain bracelet with clover charm form an alluring and bright piece of jewelry. Furthermore, the clear crystal on the charm makes an effortless contrast with the plating colors of the bracelets.

The max metal bracelet with clover charm is a perfect gift to wish your friends and family good luck. Let this bracelet help you and your loved ones to channel your thoughts and energy and bring you all the luck and success.

Stay lucky and blessed, but don’t forget to keep it sensational