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Ying Yang for perfect balance and harmony in your life

March 13, 2017

Ying Yang for perfect balance and harmony in your life

Ying and Yang are two halves forming a whole. According to this philosophy everything, including the universe is both cynical and constant. This symbol is also known as the Tai Chi which shows a circle which is equally divided by the white and black sections. The word Ying means the shady side and Yang mean the sunny side. In a nutshell, this symbol signifies perfect balance. The Ying and Yang are the opposite forces which perfectly complements everything in the universe. There is never anything which is completely Ying or Yang. The small black and white circles in the opposite colored circles show that each of them exists in the other. This symbol encompasses balance and harmony in the universe.

Seek out your complimentary forces and strive to find balance with our adjustable wire bangle bracelet with balance Ying Yang Charm. Your lifestyle, professional and daily life can benefit from understanding the meaning and following Ying Yang. This symbol reminds you that even if your life is filled with sadness today, it is not going to remain that way forever. Good times will come, you need to stay positive and alert for the opportunities that come your way. Similarly, if everything is going great you that’s awesome, but keep a level head and give a thought to the people less fortunate than you. The Symbology Ying Yang Bracelet teaches us to maintain a balanced life and not to any extreme.

This Adjustable Wire Bangle Bracelet has the Ying Yang symbol dotted with crystal stones which remind you to avoid dealing in absolutes. Along with its beautiful dainty, reversible word charms, this Expandable Wire Bangle Bracelet has the word balance engraved on the reverse. The bracelet is easy to slide off and on thanks to its expandable wire that allows it to constantly maintain its shape and snap back.

You can either wear this bracelet as a stand-alone or combine it with other KIS Bracelets.

Never forget to maintain a balance in your life no matter what phase of life you are at and always keep it sensational.