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When Fabulous Costume Jewelry Became Fashionable

March 10, 2017

When Fabulous Costume Jewelry Became Fashionable

Jewelry is a very important part of a women’s outfit, which not only adds to their natural beauty but also gives them a sense of confidence. Initially, it was just a part of social status, whereas now it is a necessity for every woman in their everyday life. When we look around we always find people wearing a variety of jewelry may be a bracelet, necklace, earrings, ring etc, with beautiful designs. Many times it is also a symbol of marriage, memory, and inspiration. The origin of the jewelry goes beyond the 19th century and consisted of gold, platinum, and gemstones. Skill full hands mold different metals to make these beautiful fine items. While fine jewelry will always be elegant and classy, it is also the most expensive accessory. During World War II many people could not afford to buy these accessories with expensive metals and thus the designers came up with amazing and affordable costume jewelry which will mix and match all the outfits. These items match the appearance of the finer pieces by using less expensive materials.

The main difference between the fine and costume pieces is the quality of metal and stones used. The costume jewelry provides customers with the same benefits with an affordable price. Women like to mix and match their outfits with different accessories and thus costume pieces are the perfect fit. Some women even give more attention to the style and are not that fascinated by metals. Especially working women who cannot go around with the expensive accessories prefer affordable yet fashionable pieces. Costume jewelry originated in 1930 and is now a must have for every fashionista. Today many designers have become a household name in the marketplace for their exclusive designs of costume jewelry. There is a very fine line between costume and fine accessories; nowadays an individual is easily fooled by the look of precious metals created by the plating. The popularity of these pieces increased as women could now expand their collection and wardrobe without spending a fortune on a fine piece.

Keeping in mind the comfort level and choices of the most fashionable women, KIS Jewelry took an initiative to provide them with the most versatile, creative and affordable options. Our product range varies from sparkling stones to the most casual pieces. While we have a pair of beautiful fancy earrings, we also have our focus on the pretty beach accessories which will soon be your favorite. The exquisite inspirational and themed jewelry is also a huge part of our collection. The variety of themes and charms include an anchor, butterfly, cats and dogs, angel and much more. We also have the Interchangeable Motifs which can be used just by attaching a different snap when you want a different set. We believe in keeping it sensational and offer items which are one of a kind. Our fashion accessories will help you make your own style statement with our simple yet elegant pieces.