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What color are you?

March 14, 2017

What color are you?

Every color means something, and every birthstone has a particular color, our symbology birthstone collection, give you that personal touch which adds sparkle and color to your life.

Imagine our world without color, what life would seem, if it was just black or white?. Every color means something, that not all of us realise, why is it that most of us prefer wearing white or there are a few of us more inclined towards shades of blue. Every color says something about us. Ever wondered why we like only certain colors? not just with clothes but also jewellery. Why do we prefer red while some only like white.

Here are a few colors that relate to certain traits:

White: It means purity, cleanliness and good.

Red: It relates to love, passion, desire and strength.

Pink: It is Tenderness, calm and acceptance.

Blue: It symbolises Power, peace and loyalty.

Green: It is youth, Nature and Renewal.

Orange: It feels vibrant, wisdom and enthusiastic.

Explore our wide range of symbology birthstone bracelets and make your lives sparkle! and so what color are you?