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Welcome this New Year by inhaling inspiration and positivity

March 13, 2017

Welcome this New Year by inhaling inspiration and positivity

Breathe in the sweet and refreshing air of limitless possibilities and welcome your new phase of life this New Year. Make life as happening, successful and positive as you want it to be. Know that you are always going to very strong enough to handle your challenges in life. Believe that you are careful and wise enough to find the solutions to every problem in your life. Also, remind yourself that you are capable enough to do anything that needs to be done in order to achieve what your heart desires. Breathe and you will always feel calm mentally and physically to take on your life with all the positive energy.

New Year brings lots of new possibilities and new hopes in our lives. Amidst your cheerful and joyful holiday season, KIS Jewelry wants to provide you with a reminder to breathe slowly, deeply and gently and look forward to the new phase in your life. Our inspirational Global Expressions Bracelet Set With Breathe Band will remind you to pause, breathe and remember that you are always going to be okay. It will remind you of all the past situations when you were scared and overwhelmed and remind you that each of those times, you got past it and became stronger.

This three-piece bracelet set is white green and lime with beautiful colored glass beads. One of the bracelets has a bead that flips the word “breathe” on one side with a feather on the reverse side. Each bangle of this inspirational bracelet is made with a clasp-free expandable coil wire making it very easy and comfortable to wear. You can wear one, two or all three of these bracelets or combine them with our other Symbology Bracelets. These are perfect for stacking and will give you a stylish look for any outfit.

So, this New Year remember to breathe in inspiration breathe out all the anxiety and negativity and trust yourself. But no matter what always keep it sensational.