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Turquoise – The Color of Summer

August 27, 2018

Turquoise – The Color of Summer

Turquoise jewelry has been favorite go-to jewelry for many of us, especially because it oozes summer and it matches well with every single outfit of yours. It is light in color and has the ability to recharge our mind and soul with good spirits. Also, it reminds me of the blue skies and tropical oceans which instantly takes me to the holiday mode. Turquoise is arguably one of the best gemstones which is eye-catching and not too flashy – can add a vibrant touch to any ensemble. If there is a way to adorn your summer look, it is definitely with the turquoise jewelry. The cute cuffs, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are sure to brighten up your summer.

Turquoise jewelry dates back to more than 2000 years ago and it is believed that the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra owned many turquoise embedded accessories. No doubt, Cleopatra had a taste for stunning jewelry!

While the genuine turquoise stones cost a bomb, KIS has a lot of gorgeous inexpensive jewelry in turquoise color to choose from. Here I have compiled some of our most beautiful ones for your quick pick.

Interchangeable Snap Jewelry

Change your look in a snap – And what better way to snap it than with a turquoise motif? Our interchangeable bracelet and necklace are a huge hit for a reason. You save money and sport a different look every day.



Symbology Bracelets

Imagine tropical breezes and ocean mist every time you wear these beautiful beach-inspired symbology charm bracelets in the strikingly beautiful turquoise color.


Pop some cool aqua color with our coastal breeze bracelet in turquoise beads.

And then comes, the simple yet super stunning beaded bracelet in turquoise and gold.

Turquoise, with its beautiful hues of the sea, makes a lovely addition to any jewelry collection. It is a color that you can never ignore and will always remain in vogue.

So all the fashion-forward folks, have you got your turquoise jewelry already? Share your favorite piece with us!



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