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Trendy tassels - Be dazzled

March 14, 2017

Trendy tassels - Be dazzled

Ever wondered, why we sometimes go for a second look at something in a store when we pass by? or, at a person we see across the road? It can be for various reasons; color, design a person’s clothing, jewelry or simply because we are reminded of someone we know. When it comes to fashion, everyone would want to dress with the current trend, to look fabulous. And now, the latest trend in almost every accessory and fabric is, tassels.

Tassels are decorative items that are made by clustering a bunch of threads or chords into a tuft. This item is so much in trend, that it is a decorative addition to almost everything, be it curtains, handbags, clothes, jewelry and even shoes!. It is well known across the globe and can relate to various cultures, making it a universal ornament. Going back to the history on the origin of tassels it was first spoken of in the Hebrew bible, as the years have passed by, it has less resemblance to the original,  but it eventually got popular across countries particularly in France, one of the top 10 fashion cities in the world.

Our latest bracelet collection comes with the most trendiest tassels that gives our jewelry that extra touch to dazzle your outfit. It can be worn with any style of clothing, as it pairs with almost every style and can yet steal the limelight. Tassels are so trendy, because of the fact that its the most versatile ornament in fashion today. That shows us that though this ornament has a history, which goes back to the time before Christ it still does will not get old-fashioned in our present day world.