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The Star of David- Divine Shield of Protection

March 13, 2017

The Star of David- Divine Shield of Protection

The Star of David charm bracelets (jewelry) has become one of the most popular pieces, especially among the Jews. This symbol was first seen in the 12th century and was recognized as modern Jewish identity and Judaism.  In Hebrew, this symbol is known as the Shield of David or Magen David.

This symbol is also associated with another six-pointed star which is known as the Seal of Solomon. According to the bible, he was King David’s son who built the first holy temple in Jerusalem. The Seal of Solomon was a mystically marked ring which worn by the king and the power to overcome obstacles and control demons was ascribed to this ring.

Many of the Jewish people around the globe wear the Symbology Star of David Bracelet and necklaces as a sign of their personal connection to the state of Israel.

Our expandable wire bangle bracelets with Star of David charm symbolizes the rule of god over the universe and his protection from all the six directions: north, south, east, west, up and down with the middle of the hexagram which provides spiritual dimension.

This Star of David charm bracelet signifies unity and a divine shield of protection. This expandable wire bangle bracelet will be a reminder of god’s rule in your life and make you feel empowered. The small reversible charms on this symbology bracelet look modern and classy and will be a perfect add-on when combined with your other bracelets. The expandable wire opens and snaps back to its shape, making the bracelet easy to wear.

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