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The perfect peridot

March 14, 2017

The perfect peridot

Ever wondered the essence of Birthstones in our lives?, the significance it is believed to have, where its importance originated from?; It is interesting to know certain facts about, the origin of Birthstones and of the peridot stone which is the birthstone to all August babies.

 Various histories, have variations to the origin of Birthstones, the first to be recorded was in the old testament of Exodus where it is written that the Hebrew high priest, was described to have a breastplate with 12 stones that represented 12 tribes during that time (Exodus,Chapter 39:9-14). During the 8th and 9th centuries gemstones were also believed to symbolize the 12 apostles. Further down the years, it began to relate to zodiac signs against the 12 calendar months.

Many believe that these Birthstones have powers in the month they represent, and so most people wear gemstones associated to each month during that phase as it is believed to give the wearer full advantage to shine if worn during that month and even more if its his or her birthstone.

 The peridot stone in particular is very unique with its properties, it is considered to be a protective stone that has the power to drive the darkness away. Being summer, August is also a time for vacation and relaxation, for some the peridot stone has the ability to alleviate emotional burdens bringing positivity to the wearer and also peaceful sleep too.

Every Birthstone has various shades, like diamonds and rubies, but a peridot stone comes in one color which is olive green. This stone brings energy and life to its bearer. Our Birthstone necklaces and bracelets gives your look that glitter in addition to positivity and charm for your day to go jolly, so come one guys, lets face our day with all the energy and luck that these Birthstones can give us and for all those august babies out there, now is your time to swing your luck by a storm.