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The measure of true happiness is balance in all aspects of life

March 14, 2017

The measure of true happiness is balance in all aspects of life

A true celebration of life is when you take a step back and truly appreciate and accept your life just the way it is. When you are able to value every moment which has now become a memory and seize the day without any worries and anxiety of the past and the future. The more you indulge in the celebration of life; you will realize that there is so much more of life to celebrate.

Life is not always perfect but you can make the best of what comes your way and not let anyone steal your happiness. To celebrate life and empower individuals with a sense of true happiness, KIS Jewelry has a special Never-ending Blessing Necklace.

This Infinite Happiness Never Ending blessing Necklace encourages you to celebrate every moment of life and fill your hearts with happiness. It reminds you that the secret of happiness is and will lie in accepting life just the way it is and making most out of it every single day for the rest of your life. It teaches you to be happy not only when everything is good but rather to see good in everything. It reminds you that the true meaning of happiness is letting go what you want your life to be like and celebrate it for everything that it is.

Just like the heart cannot thrive without expression and the soul cannot thrive without peace, life cannot be fulfilling without happiness. The color purple on this Never Ending Blessing Necklace evokes calm achieved through perfect unison of inspiring spirituality and creativity.

The interlocking circles on this Infinite Happiness Never Ending Blessing Necklace signify that the balance between the sparkling creativity nestles within the serene spirituality together showing you the way towards true happiness. An alluring amethyst crystal encrusted gold circle lies within a solid silver circle which features the word HAPPINESS engraved on it. These interlocking circles on this inspiring and empowering necklace are attached to a 16” chain which is a perfect size for layering. You can wear this necklace as a standalone or layer it with other KIS Necklaces.