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The lucky Crystal Horseshoe Charm

March 12, 2017

The lucky Crystal Horseshoe Charm

One of the most encountered lucky charms is Horseshoe and its representative in the form of wall hangings, printed images, and jewelry. Originally in Europe, even the worn-out horseshoes were used as magically protective amulets which were hung next to or above the doorways. Some of them are still found nailed onto the barns, stables, and houses. This symbol in various forms has a history of being known as the protective symbol and is common in Egyptian iconography. It is a very auspicious charm used for protection against the evil and to bring good luck. Many people believe that the horseshoe found by chance has much more power than that of a purchased one. It is said that “Victory”, the ship of Admiral Nelson had a horseshoe of good luck nailed to the mast. Some people say that the horseshoe must be nailed upwards and this way good luck will pour into your home and one on everyone who walks underneath. Otherwise, your luck might escape.

There is a story which says that there was a devil who asked the blacksmith to attach horseshoes to his feet. However, while the blacksmith was nailing them to his feet, the devil was in a lot of pain and asked the blacksmith to remove them. The blacksmith said he would remove them only if devil promised to never enter a place with a horseshoe on it. Thus, making horseshoe symbol a protection against evil and the negative energy. It is also said that metal iron being a strong metal makes horseshoe auspicious since it is can withstand fire and is a resemblance of power and strength.

While the endless tales of a horseshoe makes it a very significant and auspicious charm for houses and other places, it is also a commonly used charm for the symbology jewelry.

There are so many reasons why one should wear this charm in a piece of jewelry may it be a Symbology Horseshoe Bracelet or necklace. Many believe that wearing a piece of jewelry with this charm to bed will keep all the nightmares away. Also, if it is worn to an interview, exam, or any important event your good luck will be ensured.

In our collection of Expandable bangles with charms, we have our own bracelet with the lucky crystal horseshoe charm. This crystal-clad charm aligns with the beliefs of the ancient people and ensures good luck and protection. This bracelet with encouraging words like life, love, and truth and reversible charms will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe. It widens on and off your wrist conveniently maintaining its shape.

Get your own bracelet with a studded lucky horseshoe charm and make your accessory collection more special. We hope luck accompanies you wherever you go and you never forget to keep it sensational.