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Sunny Days – Sea Spirit

June 15, 2018

Sunny Days – Sea Spirit

If there is anything exciting for people living in the cold regions, it’s the summertime. The bright sunshine, light dresses, carefree joy on the beach, the BBQs – there is much more to it and we can never get enough of it!

Since childhood one of my very favorite summer pastimes is to get on to the beach and play on the sand. There is nothing more soothing to the soul than the sound of waves and the gentle sea breeze caressing the face. And who doesn’t like the feeling of the toes dipping in the surf? I get quite envious of the people living in the tropical countries at times because they get to enjoy the seasonal flavors and beautiful weather all year long. Just closing the eyes and dreaming about being by the ocean with wide-brimmed hat with a chilled drink in hand puts me in a more relaxed state than any expensive spa treatment.

Whether you live near the beach side or are locked in by deserts or mountains there’s an undeniable connection that many people feel with the ocean. Maybe there is a mermaid in all of us. The deep blue sea is a world beyond imagination - it has something to offer for everyone and there is a sea spirit symbol that enhances our lives.

Just like the ocean, KIS has a vast collection for those who love to explore the water.

Mermaid Charm Bracelet:

Let this mysterious mistress of the sea bracelet remind you that all you have to do is believe. The detail charm depicts a mermaid holding a starfish with her tail wrapped around on the reverse.

Surfs Up – Symbology Bracelet

Here is a cool bracelet for all the surfer girls. The crystal accented surfboard charm is brightly colored and is inscribed on the back with the words "keep calm and surf on". The single turquoise glass bead adds to the beach look and is perfect for a day out on the sun/sand.

Coastal Breeze Bracelet

This coastal breeze bracelet in cool aqua color with adorable turtle and starfish charm is a must-have for the sunny days ahead. The bubbly silver charms and the soft color splash can instantly remind you of relaxing, toe-dipping day in the sand.

Bring out your fresh, vibrant personality with these stunning sea spirit collections.

Surround yourself with the beauty of sea, sand and dive deep into your dreams!

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