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Style with a Statement

March 09, 2017

Style with a Statement

So how many of us would like to dress up to an occasion? be it a wedding, date night, casual get together or to work. Most people dress up based on their mood, I know I do too; ‘Its sunny today, let me wear something bright, probably an off shoulder red dress’ or ‘Its gloomy’ and most of us just want to drag ourselves outside so probably a subtle cream halter neck blouse and the likes of it. Every occasion has some meaning and most of us prefer to style ourselves based on the occasion and mood we are in. Women would usually wear a formal skirt paired with a simple linen blouse to work, or throw on a pair of faded jeans and a T-shirt when meeting friends over coffee, so in most situations, we all have a fixed mindset of what to wear and usually, most of us dress based on emotions.

Almost 96% women (me included) feel confident based on what they wear, isn't that extraordinary?, to feel confident in just dressing up and looking good; Its not just about dressing up even wearing the right accessories makes and impression.

Most people love to accessorize themselves with a lot of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. KIS- Keep it sensational jewelry offers us with a wide range of accessories. Occasionally, we stack it all up when we are happy, but also don't wear even a single piece when upset. To add to our confidence, we have a really good collection of necklaces with the words“ Believe”, “ Faith”, “Blessed”. Our jewelry has such variety in collections, with every message being worded in style. Its goes amazingly well not just for any occasion but helps some of us feel good even in moments of sadness.

In addition to our positive message necklaces collection, we also have necklaces with floral patterns that can go so well with any casual or formal dress that I would wear them with just about every dress I own to work, or when meeting friends.They are my lucky charm and it completes me.Style for me is to dress with confidence, in our generation where fashion gives a new meaning every single day I prefer to keep it simple and stick to my roots, and so, I want to make a statement that goes with my style.That, is my fashion statement, whats yours?