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Story behind the beautiful crystal studded wishbone necklace

March 10, 2017

Story behind the beautiful crystal studded wishbone necklace

The wishbone design for jewelry has been around for so long and this little fork like bone found in birds has become one of the favorite styles of jewelry. Jennifer Aniston in the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You” wore a beautiful wishbone necklace which inspired even more of her followers and fashion enthusiasts to check out this piece of jewelry.

A wishbone also is known as furcula is a forked bone formed by fusion of two clavicles of a bird and helps it to withstand its balance and position while flying. It was originally believed that the wishbones grant your wish and bring hope. They have been popular for centuries and symbolized the promise of good luck and thus they say “Get a lucky break”. In the early B.C hens were considered to have oracle powers. The grains of corns were scattered for them to peck and spell out answers to the questions like the first letter of the name of the husband. This hen was later killed and the individual wanting to benefit from the lucky hen would pick up its wishbone to make a wish.

Along with the early pilgrims, the wishbone also made its way to the United States and is now a part of the Thanksgiving dinners where the furcula of the turkey is considered of great significance.

Nowadays, to get the wishbone luck, the bone is dried and its ends are held in an upside down V between the fingers of two people.

It is held in such a way that both the parties have an equal probability of getting a bigger part of it when broken. Both of them silently make a wish and start pulling the bone till it breaks. Whoever gets the bigger piece of the bone is believed to be granted his or her wish. It is also believed that this person can also give the broken piece and transfer the wish to any other person he wants.

Some people hang this bone over a doorway and say that it will bring love in their lives as their lover or partner will walk through the door. The wishbone even today is used in many holiday postcards and greeting cards.

The wishbone necklace symbolizes good luck and fortune. It is believed that every time a person puts on this necklace, they must say their wish out loud. It is also a constant reminder of one’s desired goal or wish. When given as a gift it is regarded as very generous and kind. The giver expresses his or her hope or optimism that the receivers wish will come true.

We have our own Crystal Studded Wishbone Necklace which will make you look pretty and feel lucky. You do not need to search for luck or good fortune as you will have this wishbone layering necklace accompanying you all day.

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Until next time, inspire love and don’t forget to keep it sensational.