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Spook-takular Bracelets Just In Time For Halloween

March 13, 2017

Spook-takular Bracelets Just In Time For Halloween

While we are still getting over the amazing summer, fall has arrived with pumpkin pies, apples and one of our favorite holidays of all times.

Yes, you guessed it right its Halloween time. With October coming near, it’s time to get out all the spooky costumes and accessories.

Have you decided on a costume yet?

Well, if you have your costume ready then great. But if not, you still have a month to plan for it. Halloween comes around just once a year, so why not do your best? If you love scaring people then this is your opportunity. If not, it is just another excuse for you to dress up and celebrate.

Keeping up the tradition of giving you just the right accessories for all the occasions, we have brought to you our new Halloween themed two-piece bracelet sets. These bracelets align with the theme and have cute little charms of the common, spooky symbols. As you bring out your creative side and come up with some spectacular costumes, our bracelets will help you accessorize your outfits without diverting from the theme.

The expandable wire bangle Halloween beaded bracelets are currently available with a combination of two different charms with an adjustable wire. You can choose a combination of witch hat and pumpkin or witch boot and black cat charms depending upon your costume.

Here are the pictures to help you choose better from our festive Halloween themed bracelet collection.

                          Halloween bracelet sets, witch boot and black cat

                   Halloween bracelet sets, witch Hat and pumpkin

Our new Spooktacular Bracelets are embellished with jet black and transparent orange beads, spooky black cat, witch boot charms plus an adorable pumpkin and witch hat charms which will add to your costume.

Of course, a costume is not the only thing we need to worry about on this day. We also need to take care of our home decorations for the perfect vibe. Many people even spend a fortune to get the best of the decorations and we all know it is worth the effort. So while you are at it, my advice is to go all out.

KIS Jewelry wishes all you guys a Spooktakular Halloween.