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Sparkling Royal Emerald for the May Born Beauty

June 02, 2017

Sparkling Royal Emerald for the May Born Beauty

Recently we have come across so many Instagram & Facebook posts which say, “Keep Calm It’s My Birthday Month” or “Can’t wait for my birthday” thus we thought of writing about a special significant gift for every May born girl.

If you read our blogs and know a little something about our sensational Symbology Bracelets, you must already know what we are talking about. You are right, our sleek Symbology birthstone wire bangle bracelet featuring royal emerald crystals is a must have for every May born beauty.

The glitzy green crystals of this Symbology Bracelet, May Birthstone not only reflect your natural beauty but also come with its own unique significance. The sparkling green color of the emerald crystals on the May symbology birthstone wire bangle bracelet symbolizes the renewal of life and is closely associated with the blooming spring. This emerald green May birthstone is also a symbol of peace and love making it a very pleasant gift for every May born.

It is also believed that along with a great symbological value, the emeralds on the symbology May wire bangle bracelet also has some excellent healing powers. The healing properties of the May birthstone are mainly associated with the health problems related to spine, fertility, and eyes. Some people also believe that soothing properties of this beautiful royal green emerald have a strengthening and stabilizing effect on the mind and helps the wearer to eliminate unknown fears and insomnia.  The stone of this Symbology Birthstone Bracelet is also known to guard the wearer against panic.

Let your birthstone bring lots of calm, prosperity, love and healing this year on your special day or on the birthday of your special someone. Celebrate your special month and every month with a sensational piece of jewelry that brings along beauty, symbological meaning and passion in your life.

Stack this all in one Symbology May Birthstone bracelet with any other KIS Bracelet of your choice.  It’s expandable and thus you need not worry about the size. Just add it to your cart and buy it for your loved ones.