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Soak up the Sun!

March 14, 2017

Soak up the Sun!

Summer, the best time of the year, where we all have the opportunity to spend time with our families, the weather is great and perfect for anything to do with outdoor fun like a family barbecue at our backyard, or a day at the beach with kids building sand castles, else scuba diving, para sailing, sun bathing you name it. It is also that time of the year where we can soak in the sun with skimpy and bright clothes, in bold shades of red, yellow and green that adds that extra sparkle to our personality. If you are an accessory person our Sand dollar symbology bracelets will go well with your outfit at the beach.


It is my favorite season, cause it’s warm, bright and breezy. I would love to get my feet dirty in the sand, play beach ball with a bunch of friends. If not the beach, it’s the best time to plan for a family get together by organizing a barbecue at home. The weather coupled with good food and company is ecstatic.


Most summers, we tend to travel with friends towards the coast, and for those of us who cannot do so, it would be a great alternative to make the best of this season wherever we are.  Probably, rising with the sun, a stroll at a park nearby, or simply relaxing outside with a hot cup of coffee is also very refreshing. We have a wide range of bracelets to go with your outfits in summer some of them being, mermaid brass symbology bracelets, shell brass symbology bracelets and even the dolphin brass symbology bracelets. KIS jewelry has a wide range of accessories that can add flavor to your summer.


For those of us working without breaks, it probably would be a good decision to take time off work to relax and de-stress from the everyday madness of city life, it may be hard to get to enjoy outdoors during the day as we are working, but that cannot stop us from enjoying a romantic walk with our loved ones at sunset or the night. The weather would still be warm and cozy, to have a surprise dinner planned under the clear night sky.


If you are a nature lover, then gardening is another activity you can take up during summers, it is the right time to get our hands dirty and plant seeds that will grow to make your garden look beautiful with flowers or in having your very own organic vegetable produce if you love to cook fresh.

And so, lets get out this summer and bring out the kids in us, it is the time to soak up the sun!