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Sisters are friends forever

March 13, 2017

Sisters are friends forever

There is no better friend in the world than a sister. A person who has been in the situation you have been in, someone you can trust when things aren’t going the right way, a person who is much more than just your family. She is your partner in crime, your therapist, best friend, and soul mate. How wonderful it is to have a sister who adds lots of love and joy to your life.

KIS Jewelry has a pretty Sisters Share Our Laughter Positivity Bandz Bracelet, with a beautiful message to remind your sister that she is loved and cherished and to remind you of your best friend.

The best bond in the world is between siblings. A dear sister who can cheer you up when you are low consoles you when are upset, who will stand up for you and lie down beside you when you need it. Sisters are your true angels who help you up when you forget to fly.

Sisters Share Our Laughter Positivity Bracelet is a special symbol of love for your sister who is always there for you in good times and bad times. This sentimentally engraved bracelet is constructed with delicate but sturdy stretch elastic with a unique side slip knot which will help you to adjust the bracelet for a comfortable wear.

The best thing about having a sister is that you will always have a friend that you can never get rid of; no matter what you do you’ll always have them by your side. Our Positivity Bandz Bracelet is super comfortable to wear and fun to layer with your favorite KIS Bracelets.