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Reasons Why You Should Wear Jewelry

May 18, 2018

Reasons Why You Should Wear Jewelry

“I have enough jewelry” – said no one ever!

Almost all of us love wearing some jewelry on daily basis and it’s very rare that I meet someone who says that they don’t like to wear one. History has repeatedly shown women’s enormous affinity for adorning herself by wearing something beautiful with various metal and non-metal objects. Necklace, pendants, earring, bangles, and armlets – the ancient women were fond of decking themselves up with whatever they could lay their hands on. The first jewelry pieces were traced back to 100000 years ago and it is quite surprising to know that humans gave importance to something as trivial as jewelry when they had a number of issues with other basic needs.

The early humans used animal hide, horns, shell, beads, and pebbles to make a piece of jewelry to serve various purposes like religious, symbolic, social status and decoration. A woman wore jewelry to beautify herself and appeal to her potential mates and also as a means of self-expression. Time has changed, jewelry has changed but the objectives still stand true to an extent.

Let us see the top reasons why today’s women should wear jewelry.

Makes your look complete – Any look is incomplete without a piece of jewelry. Be it a casual date or a formal office wear, adding the right piece of jewelry compliments and completes your look.

Reflects and Resonates with your personality – What you wear is what you are! The colors, beads, shapes and the designs that you chose, everything reflects your mindset. You can enhance and draw attention to particular physical feature with your jewelry. Also, you can emphasize and express your emotions through the Symbolic jewelry.

Personalize the whole look – Jewelry not only serves its purpose to beautify you, but it can also help you get that personalized look. You want to really stand out of the crowd? Add an initial necklace to your attire. Or, perhaps a birthstone bar necklace. Redefine your style with every piece of jewelry that you wear.

Enhance your features – No, we are not kidding. Jewelry has that power to make or break your persona. Want to look taller? – Add a V or Y shaped bolo necklaces. Have a cheeky round face? – wear a long dazzling dangler to shift the focus to your ears that make your face appear slim. A bit of practice and mix & match will help you balance out and enhance your figure.

Shift seamlessly from day to night – Add a pearl necklace and drop earrings – Your business suit or blouse is now elevated to a date night dress. How simple is that? Only possible with a jewelry!

A lifelong investment – Let’s talk about money. We spend so much to revamp our wardrobe every season. And most likely no lady would ever wear the same blouse to work every day. But can wear the same bracelet every day. You get a lot of mileage out of every piece. And if you have invested in good quality jewelry, you can pass it on for the generations to come.

Do we need to say more?

Jewelry shall remain with you forever and shall never fail you.

Stay tuned to our page for more amazing tips, tricks, and top jewelry trends. Be sure to share with the ones that you love and care.


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