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Reasons to wear the Tree of Life Symbology Bracelet

March 13, 2017

Reasons to wear the Tree of Life Symbology Bracelet

The tree of life symbol has various meanings however it is common among many cultures, modern and ancient. In many cultures, it is recognized as the symbol of immortality and eternal life. It also signifies wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment. It is believed that in ancient Egypt this was an acacia tree and enclosed the secret of life and death. There are many stories like this which signify the tree of life and its presence over the years. The concept of the tree of life is also used in religion, science, mythology, and philosophy. In the book of proverbs, this symbol is associated with wisdom whereas in Buddhism it is the Bodhi tree where Buddha found enlightenment.

While fashion is constantly evolving with new trends and styles there are some significant symbological pieces of jewelry which will be there forever. Tree of life symbol is a reminder to maintain focus, be aware of your surroundings and to be in a meditative state, a state of awareness. It will also help you find strength and stability. A simple tree of life bracelet will keep you encouraged and inspired. With its fruit-bearing branches and roots, it also signifies infinite possibilities and prosperity in your life. It is a forever lasting trend and a constant reminder to improve and enlighten yourself.

KIS Jewelry with its aim to always give you the most meaningful and alluring pieces of jewelry has also brought to you the Symbology Tree of Life Bracelets available in brass and silver.

                                   Symbology Bracelet, Tree of Life

This adjustable wire bangle bracelets with cut out tree of life charm stand for many things including protection. bounty, beauty, and redemption. Let this bracelet be a reminder that you are blessed abundantly. This bracelet has a gleaming green glass bead, open work tree charm and meaningful word charms like truth, love, and life. 

                              Symbology Bracelet, Tree of Life 2

This bracelet is symbolic of branching out, growing strong and developing roots. The tree charm on this bracelet is finely detailed and is a reminder to love your life through the journey of life. 

Regardless of what your heart desires, the tree of life will definitely give you strength and support and be a meaningful yet classy addition to your accessory collection.