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Personalized Initial Necklaces: The New Trend in Town

November 09, 2017

Personalized Initial Necklaces: The New Trend in Town

Personalized jewelry – anything from single initial rings or pendant to customized monogram necklaces, these are the most sought-after looks in today’s jewelry world. You can spot the supermodels and top celebrities from Hollywood wearing monogram necklaces and initial pendants to show their love for their significant other. Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Sarah Jessica Parker are all flaunting their personalized letter initial necklace and setting a trend.

So when, where and how did this initial jewelry craze started?

While the origin of the initial jewelry is still not known to anyone, one can trace back this style in the history of 14th and 15th-century jewelry collections. It is amazing to know that this style has been distinctive for hundreds of years now and the modern innovations have paved way for more meaningful and interesting pieces of jewelry. What used to be a fun accessory once has become a classic style now which will never go out of fashion.

Trend or Tradition – Know How To Wear Them!

Unleash your creativity - There are so many styles that you can create on your own when it comes to personalized jewelry. Initial jewelry can carry a meaning to it – Traditional or trend, you can make it completely unique with few personal touch.

Here is a ‘How-To’ guide to carry this beautiful style:

Keep it Simple – Signature Piece

You can keep things simple and wear just one letter pendant necklace. It can be your first name or Family name, choose your own letter and flaunt it proudly. Choose gold or silver tone to compliment your other accessories and skin tone, keep things simple and wear that as your signature piece.

Check out our new range of ‘Visions Invisible Initial Necklaces’. These eye-catching initial necklaces feature a crystal stone accent and are suspended from an invisible cord giving it an illusion that it is floating. Perfect for everyday wear and can also be layered with other necklaces to add a zing to the attire.

Display Love

Showing the love for husband, boyfriend, kid, friends or other loved ones by wearing their initials close to the heart is something that makes this style more special. These initial pendant necklaces also make an amazing gift for your loved ones for birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s day.

Personalized Initial Jewelry                                   

You can combine your initials with the initials of your significant other to create a special symbol of love. This can also be clubbed with your birthstone or any other personalized charm to create a customized necklace.

Layering Initials

Layered necklaces are an in-thing this season. And layering the initial necklaces is definitely the coolest thing that can adorn your neck. You can combine two or more initial necklaces in layers of different length, to form a word or represent your name. You can also layer your initial pendant with a longer diamond or crystal stoned pendant necklace to get that classy look.

Whatever be the style you choose, you can’t stop falling in love with the lasting appeal that the initial jewelry has to offer you. Whether buying something for yourself or choosing a gift for your special someone, initial jewelry is a perfect choice to give that unique, timeless and trendy look.

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