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Perfect little piece of inspiration

March 14, 2017

Perfect little piece of inspiration

Empower your mind and soothe your soul with the inspiration stretch bracelet with word beads. The little reminders on the bracelet, wrapped around your wrist will inspire and empower you throughout your day. This is a perfect piece that will keep you going through your day with positive and good vibes.

The stretch Inspire Me Word Bead Bracelet features seven beads engraved with meaningful words like wisdom, faith, joy, hope, trust, patience, peace, live, courage, love, strength, miracles, blessed and believe. Each bead floats inside an intricately decorated pretty frame which allows the words to change by flipping making a different combination each time you wear it.

No matter what your goal in life states or the current phase of your life is, this Inspire Me Word Bead Bracelet is just the right inspiration you should have on you at all times. ‘Faith’ and ‘Miracle’ bead will remind you that your faith in yourself and in your god should always be greater than you fear and if you have faith miracles are bound to happen. ‘Wisdom’ will teach you to be wise enough to walk away from all negative energy around you and follow your heart. ‘Joy’ will remind you to be joyous in your own life and bring lots of joy to others. ‘Hope’ and ‘Patience’ beads will remind you to have patience and never lose hope on life and yourself. ‘Strength’ bead will empower you and remind you that no matter how tough life gets, you are tougher than that. ‘Courage’ and ‘Trust’ beads remind you that to be courageous you need to trust your own self and always be positive. Finally, ‘Love’, ‘Live’ and ‘Peace’ beads are just the perfect reminders to live your life to the fullest, love yourself and everyone around you and be self-aware and peaceful with your inner self.

This little piece of inspiration is a perfect add on to your bracelet collection and will go on any outfit. There is a dash of happiness and joy emanating from each word you see. So embrace all the positive energy and let it reflect on you.