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Perfect Bracelet to showcase your purrfect love

March 14, 2017

Perfect Bracelet to showcase your purrfect love

Cats are known to be the smallest thing that takes the most room in your heart. Time spent with cats is never wasted. These little creatures are known to be the best therapist which help you let go of all your troubles and just relax. When you feel down and sad, all you need is love and a furry cat.

A cat is very honest emotionally as compared to human beings. Human beings might hide their problems but a cat is like an open book. They are the true symbols of beauty, freedom, pride, sufficiency and individuality.

In our Symbology Bracelet Collection, we have a special Symbology Cat Bracelet for all the cat owners and lovers. This cat lover’s charm bracelet is a fun and stylish way of letting everyone around you know that you have the perfect little purr pet.

As soon as these cute little furry cats become a part of our life, it is almost impossible to let them go. They always whether people like or dislike them but never really care enough about it.

Our Symbology Cat Bracelet has a large cat silhouette charm which is framed by a circle of crystals on one side and has a very detailed puffed heart on the reverse side. This bracelet will be a symbol of your love for your cat. Many cat lovers even get pretty tattoos to showcase their love for their pets. This bracelet will not only showcase your love but also add to your style and bracelet collection.

The three companion charms on this expandable wire bangle bracelet are double sided and are stamped with the words: Friend/Forever, Loving/Loyal, Truth/KIS. It also has a small jet black glass bead which completes the look of the bracelet. This bracelet is also very easy to put on and take off due to its expandable wire.