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Pamper Yourself With A Symbology Birthstone Bracelet This September

March 10, 2017

Pamper Yourself With A Symbology Birthstone Bracelet This September

If you are a September born baby, Sapphire is your color. This September birthstone has many colors including pink, yellow and green but is mostly desired in its most pure rich blue color. The name of this stone is derived from “Saphhirus” a Latin word for blue. In the middle ages, this gemstone was believed to represent trust and loyalty and was considered a protection from harm for those close to you. It was also once used to kill venomous snakes and keep the poisonous creatures away. Traditionally, Sapphire was a favorite stone of kings and priests and symbolized wisdom and purity. Some people believe that Sapphire is associated with the planet Saturn and its translation means “Dear to the planet Saturn” in some languages.

The Museum of National History in New York has the infamous Sapphire of 556 karats called the Star of India. It is believed to increase the understanding and perception of justice and identified with repentance, chastity, and piety. The jewelry of this gemstone is also quite prominent among the British royalty as well. Princess Diana was given a Sri Lankan Sapphire gemstone ring by Prince Charles and again Prince William gave the same ring to Kate Middleton. It also symbolizes the qualities that are required in one’s relationship mainly reliability, faithfulness, loyalty, truth, and sincerity.

For all the September babies, KIS Jewelry has a special Symbology birthstone bracelet with a Sapphire embedded in the charms. Just like the people, this September birthstone is deep, showy and vibrant and will get you all the attention you deserve. It is one of the widely popular gemstones in rings, bracelets and all kinds of jewelry and color blue compliments the clothing and the jewelry designs.  This gemstone is believed to bring fulfillment, inner peace, beauty, joy, and prosperity. This September get a beautiful Sapphire Symbology bracelet for yourself, mix and match it with your glamorous outfits thus flaunting your birthstone.

KIS Jewelry wishes all the September born women, a very happy and joyful birthday.