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Never lose Hope, Have faith & fall in love with everything around you

March 14, 2017

Never lose Hope, Have faith & fall in love with everything around you

When you put hope, faith, and love together, you create something that is very positive and powerful. Faith makes everything possible, hope always keeps the possibility alive and love makes everything beautiful. The difference between hope and faith is that hope is wishing something will happen and faith is believing that it definitely will.

Send an inspiring message everyplace you go, by wearing our Faith Hope Love Charm Bracelet. Each powerful, empowering and inspiring word is written in a different font on this bracelet to deliver its own long lasting and unique impression.  Faith takes the leaps towards the opportunities with the trust that love and hope has built.

Our Faith Hope Love Charm Bracelet is a reminder that you need to have enough faith in yourself to know and differentiate between the right and the wrong. It is a reminder to love yourself no matter what and never lose hope even when life gets tough but to have faith that miracles happen. Without faith and hope, there is no place for any good thing in your life. Even love without the existence of faith and hope is bound to fail.

The elastic encased in the hammered silver of these Faith Hope Love Charm bracelets not only gives a comfortable fit but also makes the bracelet look trendy and gives it a classy finish. The matte black beads and cord accents add striking details to the appearance of this Faith Hope Love Trios Bracelet. You can wear your Hope Love and faith charm bracelets individually or together to make a bracelet set. You can also pair these pieces with other bracelets of the trios collection or with other KIS Bracelets from our collection.

Fall in love with everything around you, before you give up hope think of the reason why you held on for so long and have faith and believe that miracles do happen.