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Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

May 08, 2018

Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

Mother – Is there any relationship that is as supreme and divine as a mother’s? What would we do without our mom’s love? They are the ones who have cared for us right from when we were in the womb, and as we grow up and get older, the relationship blossoms into one of the most special bonds that we’ll ever have. It may sound cliché, but mothers are indeed “superhumans”, and a godsend to nurture us and just be there for us when we experience every up and down. Sometimes, she need not even be your biological mother. Anybody who has that motherly love for you – Be it your Grandmother, mother-in-law, or your step-mom – those that take care of you, shower affection and make sure that you don’t falter.

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to say ‘Thank You’ and express your love and respect to your mom, by all means.

So how are you planning to treat your mom on her special day? You’re lucky, we have you covered with some really cool jewelry gift ideas for this Mother’s day in this blog.

Mirabella Bouquet Necklace

Flowers are always the top pick when it comes to Mother’s day gift. Keeping that age-old tradition in mind, why not go for a keepsake jewelry that has floral elements?

This beautiful bouquet set with crystal stones is the highlight of this pretty necklace and hidden on the reverse side is the sweet message "love you bunches". A bumble bee charm set with a single crystal stone adds a little more fun to the look.

Flowers symbolize the undying love that we have for our moms and they also represent the joys of spring. What better way to celebrate Mother’s day than with a bunch of flowers?

I Love You Charm Bracelets

Let your mom know how much you appreciate all that she has done with this beautiful wire bangle bracelet especially for her. The main charm has Mom spelled out in raised gold lettering that is surrounded by shiny white epoxy and three crystal accented flowers are spaced along the outer edge. Flip the charm over to find it engraved with the message "you are loved" and set with two additional crystal stones to make it pretty on both sides.


There are also similar charm bracelets for Grandmothers because there is nothing like the granny love. Her undying love, comfort, and encouragement are a source of strength and inspiration.

This beautiful stretch bangle is the perfect gift to remind her that she's treasured. The matte silver bracelet features a heart charm with beautiful crystal accent and is engraved with warm messages all the way around. A repeating heart scroll design and engraved messages make it stunning from all sides.

Birthstone Brat charm Necklace

Birthstone Brat Charm Jewelry is an innovative keepsake jewelry which mothers and grandmothers would absolutely adore. Mothers love to keep all the precious memories of her children close to her heart with some personalized keepsakes. And what will be a more special way of celebrating motherhood than having a customized birthstone jewelry that is timeless and worthy to be passed on for generations?

Create a family necklace that represents each child or grandchild with their own birthstone charm accented by Swarovski crystal. Keep adding the charms as your family grows and make a stunning yet affordable family brat charm necklace which your mom will fall in love with.

Your mother’s selfless sacrifice, tireless work, unconditional love and unmatched support – All that deserves only the best in return. Make her day the most special and tell her that you love her and care for her.

May God bless our mothers for everything they do!

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