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Let the lucky lady accompany you in your journey of life

March 14, 2017

Let the lucky lady accompany you in your journey of life

The lady bug is known to bring luck in abundance wherever she goes. She is lady luck and whenever you tell her your wishes it is believed that she fly away to make your wish come true. Legend says that the lady bug is initially named after the Virgin Mary who has assisted the farmers who prayed to her for assistance to keep the fields safe from harm.

To bring you all the best luck in the world, we have our lovely Symbology Bracelet with lady bug to be your constant companion. It is considered to be a sign of blessing when a ladybug frequently comes to your garden.

The beautiful and charming ladybug is also a symbol of taking an action and turning your dreams into reality. With her every presence she believed to hint at planting the seeds of your dreams and watering them every day and help them grow.

For its fearless and tough nature, this lady bug which inspired the Symbology Ladybug Bracelet is a perfect symbol of a fun loving and adventurous being. Remind yourself to spread your wings and fly to your destination without any stress and anxiety.

Just like the lady bug protects itself with the hard shell on its back, this cute ladybug charm on trendy expandable wire bangle will inspire you to be strong and resilient to face the challenges in life. Though short-lived, this significant being teaches you to release all your worries and enjoy whatever life you have to the fullest. 

Our Symbology Ladybug Expandable Bangle Bracelet is a perfect addition to your accessory collection and will definitely add significance to your outfit whenever you wear it. The charms on this bangle bracelet are beautifully detailed on both the sides and are further accented by sparkling stones. You can wear this bracelet as a standalone or pair it with other Expandable Bangle Bracelets with charms giving it a perfectly trendy and stylish look.

Let this ladybug symbology bracelet help you release all your worries and let the positive and healing energy flow into your lives