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Let the compass be your guide in the wonderful journey of life

March 14, 2017

Let the compass be your guide in the wonderful journey of life

The compass symbol is very popular. It is not only a beautiful and symmetrical symbol but it also holds a very deep meaning. The compass points in four different directions, East, West, North, and South. It has always been a very special symbol for sailors and other travelers as it helps them to find the right path. For a traveler, this is a symbol of guidance which holds the ability to point you in the right direction.

In our Symbology Bracelet Collection, we have an expandable wire bangle bracelet with a Compass Charm for the traveler and wanderer you. This bracelet will help you unleash your inner explorer.

The meaning of compass comes from “corn”, “together”, and “passus” which mean way or route. The compass charm also symbolizes the directions and path of life that we choose along the way. Especially when you are making big decisions, this charm will be a guide and show you the right path. 

No matter how lost you feel. Our Symbology Compass Bracelet is bound to help you find your true self and guide you in your journey of life.

With an extremely delicate design, this expandable wire bangle bracelet is very trendy and can be worn with all outfits. Keep this bracelet on you at all times and you will never feel lost again.

It’s reversible and inspiring charms make it a perfect bracelet for any outfit and occasion. You can wear this bracelet as a standalone or pair it up with other KIS Bracelets. It is also very comfortable and easy to wear and take off because of its expandable wire and is currently available in silver and brass colors.

May this bracelet guide you when you follow your heart and show you the right path when you feel lost. Until next time, don’t forget to keep it sensational.