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Let the bumblebee inspire you to work hard and appreciate the sweetness of life

March 14, 2017

Let the bumblebee inspire you to work hard and appreciate the sweetness of life

The bumble bees are very good pollinating agents. Their food is the consumption of nectar from flowers. They land upon the flower and suck the nectar using its string to collect nectar. During the cold weather days, the queen of bees and her workers shiver their flight muscles to warm themselves. By keeping their bodies warm, they can fly even at very low temperatures. They also have a large hairy coat which helps them to control their body temperatures. Very few insects have the ability to control the body temperatures. The ancient initiation of mastering the mind, body, and soul is associated with this quality. Some yogi masters are also capable of adjusting their body temperature and slowing down their heart beats just like the bee can adjust its body temperature in an alternate state. Thus it is believed that the bumble bees have a very strong connection with the ancient secrets of longevity. In bees, their legs are the most sensitive organs and they use it to taste nectar.

Bumble bees always stay focused only on their goals and are never distracted by anything on the sides. They are also known to be good motivators for humans due to their ability to focus. Thus people whose power animal is a bumble bee is believed to be focused in life.

In our collection of expandable bangle bracelets with charms, we have a whimsical crystal bumble bee charm bracelet. As the real bumble bees, this bumble bee symbology bracelet also gives you a message to wake up, stay focused and follow the rhythm of your heartbeat. Always make decisions based on your wisdom and inner voice.

This symbology bracelet will be a reminder to always be extraordinarily loyal and hardworking like the bumble bee. A symbol of nature’s perfect balance the bumble bee also reminds us to slow down, smell the flowers around you and savor the sweet honey of life.  Stay focused and work as hard as you can to accomplish your dreams. Bumble bee teaches us to jump from flower to flower to making beautiful things happen.

The intricate crystal charm on this symbology bracelet is accompanied by 3 reversible and equally inspiring counterparts. The expandable wire circle makes the bracelet easy to put on and off.

Wear this charming whimsical crystal bumble bee charm bracelet to channel the meticulous energy of the bees, focus and work hard towards you goals in life, appreciate the sweetness of life and never forget to keep it sensational.