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Let’s fall in love with the winter wonderland

March 13, 2017

Let’s fall in love with the winter wonderland

The holiday time is the most wonderful time of the year. This is the time when families get together, make memories and forget about all the worries and anxiety. This year, let’s add some frostiness to your holiday season with some dazzling, shiny and snowy fashion.

If you adore the lovely winter season, then you definitely love the chill in the air and snow all around you. Winter is the time of comfort, warmth, and delicious food. It’s the most homely season of all.

Our snowy winter holiday accessories are just like the beautiful snowflake, one of a kind. Every snowflake is different and beautiful in their own unique way and they never fail to dazzle each one of us.

In our Holiday Jewelry Collection, we have two beautiful Christmas Bracelets full of winter charms.

            Two Piece Christmas Bracelet Set, Snowman and Snowflake

This festive and fashionable winter themed bracelet with blue, white and silver colors is a wintery combination of ice blue beads, cool silver accents, and glittery snowballs. The very pretty little hand painted charms are classic and stylish. The snowman charm on this winter themed bracelet is further completed with a corn cob nose and the teensy silver jingle bell charm on it actually rings and gives you your own little jingle. The expandable wire on this Holiday Bracelet makes it easy to but on and off and comfortable to wear.

                  Two Piece Christmas Bracelet Set, Snowflakes

If you are a winter wonderland lover then this petite snowflake bracelet set is just the thing your brilliant holiday needs. This festive and fashionable two piece set with expandable bangle bracelets gives you a trendy and sparkling look because of its eclectic combination of transparent, silver, snowy white and blue beads. The sweet little snowflake charms are detailed with frosty white enamel and are able to freely float on the expandable wire. 

The wire allows them to move freely, yet keeps them in a proper shape. The jingling bell on this bracelet too jingles and gives you a personal touch. 

You wear these bracelet sets as stand-alone or combine them with our other bracelets from Holiday Jewelry Collection.  

Life is very short to waste all your time dwelling and regretting. Sometimes you just need to let go and enjoy every moment in your life. 

Holidays come once in a year and bring lots of joy. It's your responsibility to make the best of it. So, this holiday season let's pledge to seize the day and appreciate life in every way possible.