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How will you spend your last few days of summer?

March 09, 2017

How will you spend your last few days of summer?

Summer always brings along the good beach days, delicious ice creams and fruits, amazing vacations, picnics and much more making it one of the best seasons. With the days going by so fast, we didn’t even realize when we reached towards the end of summer. It feels like the season had just begun. You definitely don’t want to spend these last few days watching TV on your couch. So, what are your plans to make the end of the season remarkable?

Here are some ideas for you to enjoy remaining every moment of your favorite season. Savor the last few days of summer.

  1. Spend a day on the beach and watch the sunrise and sunset. Summertime is best to spend some quality time on the beach and relax with your loved ones. Where there is sunshine and breeze and the shimmering shells tell their tales of travel. It will also give you time to bond with your kids, spouse, friends and family.
  2. Spend quality time with kids- With summer, the holidays of your kids will also come to an end and it will be time to go back to school. So take these remaining days to do little fun things with your kids that they love.
  3. Savor the mouthwatering food- Nothing says summer better than a Popsicle or a tub of ice cream and don’t forget the yummy fruits like strawberries, cherries, blueberries, and peaches. Enjoy every bit of it before they leave us till the next year.
  4. Be adventurous- Go hiking, trekking or kayaking to refresh yourself. Get together all your friends and go to some scenic places to enjoy the nature, get some exercise and relax.
  5. Camp outdoors- Go for overnight camps and enjoy the perfect warm night. Before it gets too cold, get your blankets outside and watch the stars in the clear sky.
  6. Dress up for the beach- This is also your final opportunity this year to dress up perfectly for the last few summer beach days and take some amazing photographs. You are surely very excited and all set with your bikinis and shorts for the best shots.

 To add to your excitement we would also like to tell you about the beautiful beach jewelry collection we have to help you accessorize your summer outfits.

  1. Symbology Shell Bracelet
    This is an expandable wire bangle with crystal seashell charm. It also has 3 more charms with sand enjoy and love engraved on them.
  2. Symbology Dolphin Bracelet
     Symbology Bracelet, Dolphin, Silver  SYMBOLOGY BRACELET, DOLPHIN, SILVER

This bracelet has a cute little dolphin charm with small crystals on its tail and eye and a very deep meaning. Wearing this bracelet will remind you that courage is not standing on the shore but diving in the sea and leaving the safety of the shore. 

     3.  Symbology Mermaid Bracelet

This bracelet has a graceful mermaid charm on an expandable wire and this charm of the persuasive and beautiful mistress of the sea symbolizes mystery, allure, and love. Embrace your power and inner goddess.

Summer has about to end and we already know how badly we are going to miss it. Thus we would suggest you enjoy each and every remaining moment and make the best memories.

Like our charms say enjoy and love the warm summer sands and be happy but never forget to keep it sensational.


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