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Hamsa: The Hand of Fatima

March 13, 2017

Hamsa: The Hand of Fatima

The symbology hamsa bracelets have currently become a very popular trend worldwide. These symbols are very common in the Islam and Jewish communities. In the Muslim community they are known as the hand of Khamsa or the hand of Fatima and in the Jewish community, they are known as Hamsa hand or the hand of Miriam. 

In our collection of the Symbology Bracelets, we have an expandable wire bangle bracelet with a hamsa charm which is known for its power to protect the wearer against the evil eye and bring happiness. The holder of this charm is expected to be protected from all negative energies and envious glares from the people who wish no good for them.

The hamsa hand can be worn with the hands pointing up or down and both offer its owner happiness, peace, and prosperity as well as protect them from the evil eye.

The hamsa charm on the expandable wire bangle bracelet has 5 fingers and these fingers represent the five books of Tarah for the Jews and five pillars of Islam. Many Jewish also believe that the five fingers remind the wearer to praise the god with its five senses.

The expandable bangle bracelet with an intricate palm-shaped amulet (the hamsa charm) is available in brass and silver colors. This charm is known to provide blessing, strength, and power. This hand of Fatima gives you strength and protection against the negative energies and the evil eye. Let the five fingers of the charm this Symbology Hamsa Bracelet remind you to use your five senses to praise the god. Always keep it by your side, together with the other charms with meaningful inspiring words like life, love, and truth. The bracelet widens when you slide it on and on your wrist conveniently while maintaining the shape.

This Symbology Bracelet is a meaningful yet stylish piece of jewelry and will be a perfect add-on to your accessory collection.