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God is a perfect cure for all your worries

March 13, 2017

God is a perfect cure for all your worries

Life sometimes might have hundreds and thousands of reasons to give you worries and problems but always remember that in return God will give you a million reasons to be happy. Don’t ask God to take away your problems instead thank god for always being by your side and ask him to guide you and give you strength, courage, and faith to face all the problems.

Problems both big and small are often not within your power to solve alone. Our Simple Truths Necklace, Give It To God is a free reminder that it is okay not to handle all your problems alone and let God help and guide you. It is a reminder to give God all your problems and allow him to give you the solutions. God has a purpose for everything. Your pain, struggle, and rewards are all planned by God with a purpose to help you become the best version of yourself. Thus it is okay not to know all the answers and leave all your problems to God.

Our faith stamped Simple Truth Necklace has a message and a freeing reminder “Give it to God and let it go” on all four sides of a 1.25” silver bar pendant. This Simple Truth tri-tone charm necklace is paired with a delicate crystal heart and cross engraves with the word “faith”. The chain length of the necklace is 17” to 20” and can be adjusted according to your preference. 

When you start putting your problems in God’s hands, he puts peace in your heart. Whenever you fail to understand anything that is happening in your life, just close your eyes take a deep breath and leave all your worries to God. He will guide you through it. Also, pray and thank God for all that he has given you and have faith that he will be there by your side no matter what life throws at you.