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Frogs- Cute little creatures of great significance

March 10, 2017

Frogs- Cute little creatures of great significance

Like every other beautiful creation of nature, the frog has its own significance. When a frog jumps into your life, it indicates that now is the time to find new opportunities in transition. The animal transition of frog is seen in its unique growth cycle. The frog has to undergo incredible transformations in order to reach full adulthoods just like humans.

In many cultures, the primary symbolism of frog is fertility. As frogs lay enormous quantities of eggs, it makes them a symbol of abundance as well as fertility. Other symbolic meanings of frog are luck, rebirth, and purity, opportunity, dreaming and healing


If you love frogs and find them cute, we have a special Symbology Bracelet, Frog which will be the perfect style for you. Not only are frogs cute and adorable but their significance makes them very hard to ignore.

The frog is also a symbol of cleansing and it is said that you can call a frog spirit to clear the negative and toxic energies in and around you. In China, the frog is considered to be the emblem of Yin energy and good luck. They are also considered to be the link between the living and the dead in some Asian customs.

This sleek Symbology Frog Charm Bangle Bracelet is the perfect addition to your bracelet collection and your soul. It will be a perfect reminder for all the things that the frog charm symbolizes and bring all the positive energy in your life. The frog and other charms of this expandable wire bangle bracelet are beautifully detailed on both the sides and are accented by sparkling crystal stones and one shiny green glass bead. The expandable wire of this bangle bracelet makes it very easy to slide open and close while maintaining its shape and fitting comfortably. You also don’t need to worry about the fit as it will fit your wrist comfortably.

You can wear this Symbology Bracelet as a stand-alone or combine it with your other favorite KIS Bracelets. Accessorize your outfits with unique and trendy styles by selecting the perfect jewelry from our collection.