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Flowers: Symbolism Of Happiness

August 09, 2018

Flowers: Symbolism Of Happiness

Flowers, by their very nature, are pleasant to see, brings in a fragrance and take us to a jolly good mood instantly. They spread a positive vibe and is appreciated for its presence all over the world. They have been used extensively in the ceremonies and as a token gift from the time human race has been around. A team of American researchers found that flowers, with their impeccable beauty and fragrance, have the ability to trigger human emotions and improve the feelings and moods of a person in more ways than one can ever imagine. Flowers are also natural stress busters and anti-depressants and bring in a state of serenity.

Flowers have a way to bring life to their surroundings and the more beautiful flowers we surround ourselves with the happier we are!

Let’s see the magic of flower power in this blog.

Flowers can lift your mood:

Give a bunch of flowers to someone and you can see their excited smile almost immediately no matter how hard their day has been. This is a universal reaction and irrespective of age and gender.

Make intimate connections:

Why do people give flowers to express their love? Because flowers can bring in that intimate feeling between the giver and taker. They speak a language of their own and have the charm to step up the connections between people.

Brings balance to your life:

Flower therapy is certainly not a new age thingy. Flowers have been used since ancient days to treat hay fever, phobias, anxiety, mood swings and depression. Their soothing fragrance helps in creating a balance between the mind, body, and soul.

Symbol of sharing:

Flowers symbolize sharing. Their presence gives a warm feel and this is the reason for keeping flower vases at the entrance, dining table and drawing room where people welcome their guests.

Flowers are for all occasions:

Flowers can make their way in weddings as well as funeral. Because flowers lighten the environment and bring in a sense of calmness. A flower bouquet with a simple note can bring some hope on an ailing patient in the hospital bed. The same flower can make a lovely gift for a newly wedded couple.

Hence, flowers bring happiness wherever they are. And so is the jewelry. Now how amazing it would be if we tell you we can bring in all the goodness of flowers in the jewelry? Sounds interesting? Let’s check out some of our fabulous floral jewelry collection.

Symbology Bracelet – Plumeria Flower

Hawaii's flower of welcome, the Plumeria also symbolizes positivity and beauty. This lovely Plumeria charm bracelet will remind you of your dream vacation each time you wear it. The white flower charm dotted with tiny crystals makes this piece totally outstanding and has the words "Paradise Found" written on the reverse side.

Divine Duos Crystal Flower Flip Necklace

Remain joyous whenever you wear this distinctive reminder necklace with Reversible flip pendant joy flower. Suspended from a crescent of crystals, the center pendant flips over so it can be worn two ways. Choose either the enchanting crystal flower surrounded by bisque white enamel or spin it to show off the word joy. 

Crystal Flower Flashback Earrings

Pretty flower two-part earring set with a jet black drop. Dazzle it up with these dainty peekaboo earrings. Featuring bright crystals formed into a pretty flower stud, made even lovelier with an attached jet black drop stone.

Floral jewelry would make an ideal gift for any special occasion as it keeps the tradition of giving flowers alive and yet something that is meaningful and long-lasting.

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”

Let the happiness radiate like the fragrance of the flower and bring in lots of positivity to you.

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