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Fill your days with lots of love

March 12, 2017

Fill your days with lots of love

The heart symbol has a very deep meaning since mankind has been driven by love and feelings since the beginning. The heart is a very unique and the most important part of a human body without which an individual can’t survive. Thus its importance and uniqueness is a starting point of its symbolism. The heart symbol is universally accepted resemblance of human love and passion.

The stories of originality of this symbol are varied and interesting. Some of the researchers say that it originated from an ivy leaf. Another theory suggests that the symbol was linked to the fleshy parts (especially the buttocks) as a sign of fertility designed by the Vikings in the form of “M” as a reminder of their brides. The ends later would eventually join the complete and close the symbol. The traditional heart shape appears on the 1910 St. Valentines’ Day card and is and thereafter has been a symbol of a spiritual, moral, emotional and intellectual core of the humans. Through the stories of the originality are varied, the symbolism approximately remains the same. It denotes the deep love, passion, and affection of an individual for their loved ones.

Anyone who buys jewelry of this symbol specifically heart layering necklaces will always associate it with the general notion of passion and love.

If you know a woman’s heart you will realize that the best gift for her is the one which holds deep meaning and affection. Thus an elegance heart layering necklace will surely woo her.

Our Layering Gold Heart Necklace will fill your days with lots of love and affection. This is a perfect gift any loving relationship may it be a couple, family, friend or even for your own self.

Some people with certain spiritual beliefs also say that this open heart is a symbol of fertility and some women who wanting to bear a child wear this beautiful piece of jewelry.

This is a very positive symbol and is loved by everyone due to its simplicity and significance. Whatever message or meaning you want to hold through this alluring gold heart layering necklace is totally up to you, so feel free to have your own unique and creative reasons. You can combine it with other necklaces or wear it on its own to make your own fashion statement.

Your loved ones deserve your love and affection. Let them know what they mean to you by gifting them this layering necklace.

That’s all for today. Until next time, keep it sensational with KIS Jewelry.