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Feeling crafty? Upscale your broken jewelry

March 10, 2017

Feeling crafty? Upscale your broken jewelry

We all have some old and broken jewelry lying in the corner of our wardrobe. These pieces which once were our favorite are of no use to us today. Recycling your old hair pins, earrings, necklaces, rings and other pretty jewelry is not as easy as putting them into the recycle bin. One day we suddenly feel that our jewelry is piling up in our jewelry box without us even realizing it. As this jewelry is useless and consumes a lot of space, we throw it out to get rid of it.

Well, this time, do not throw out your precious jewelry. Use your broken jewelry pieces and turn them into beautiful designing items.

Here are a few things you can do from your broken jewelry:

  1. Tiebacks for your house curtains: If you have old or broken pretty brooches you can use them for decorating your curtains. Wrap a ribbon around the curtain and tie it. Leave the tails of the ribbon and pin the brooch on the knot.
  2. Decorate your paper lampshade: Punch holes around the bottom edge, insert earrings through the holes and secure the earrings with their backs or a clip.
  3. Decorate a glass table: Take beads from a beaded necklace and re-thread them onto a gauge wire. Put the wire around the table and dangle the earrings from the glass making it a beautifully decorated glass table.
  4. Small photo frames: Your old fancy belt buckles and pins can be used to make cute little photo frames. Tape your family photo at the back of the belt buckle and view it from the front. Make a stand or support for the buckle by using a few cardboard triangles.
  5. Creative glass candles: Use the sparkling crystals, beads or gemstones and make beautiful arrangements on the candle. Use hot-glue to hold these pieces it in place.

We hope you have fun being crafty and create beautiful treasure out of this trash.

Until next time, live, laugh and love but don’t forget to keep it sensational.