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Fashion Jewelry – How To Make It Interesting

April 01, 2018

Fashion Jewelry – How To Make It Interesting

Jewelry is a great way to add a little oomph to your look and it also brings out the creativity and individuality in you. Whether fancy or costume, the right jewelry in the right amount will make heads turn. While accessorizing is something that most women love, it is not uncommon to find oneself wearing something less inspiring or out-of-trend. Do you find yourself wearing the same boring earrings to work every other day? Have you been miserable in accessorizing yourself for the date night or the party eve? Is your jewelry lying unattended in a tangled mess somewhere? Show them some love; they never fail to reciprocate. With the Spring already in full bloom, this is a perfect time to update your collection. Here are our tips to bring out the best in your bling.

Layer More

Layers add a charm to everything; be it in our hair cut, clothing or a simple jewelry – It adds a fun element to your look. You can always experiment by pairing a pendant necklace with a simple chain or a choker or try wearing gold or silver necklaces of varying lengths to get all the attention to your neckline. However, care should be taken not to over-do things. If you are sporting a statement necklace, just wear one piece at a time to keep the look minimal yet attractive.

Bracelets and finger rings are also fun to be layered. Dainty stacked rings are an easy way to give a chic look to your casual outfit. But don’t load up every finger. Likewise, adding layers of gold or silver bangles mixed with beaded bracelets will also add a flair to your outfit, especially with a simple flowy summer dress. Mixing up gold, silver and rose gold is also allowed. They are never looked down upon as a fashion disaster anymore.

Keep It Chic

Keeping it chic and cheap is the key. It is easy to get excited with all the accessories. But know when to stop. A big statement earring, for example, means you should go minimal with the necklace. A lacy or ruffled neckline will look stunning only with a thin, subtle looking chain.

You need not burn a big hole in your pocket to accessorize yourself. Jewelry is extremely versatile if you know how to put it to best use. Stay away from anything that is too cheap or a poor imitation of the real deal.

Don’t Match Your Jewelry

It is quite natural to reach out for a matching pair of earrings or a bracelet when you wear a necklace that goes with your outfit. However, you may end up looking like a Santa if you wear a red dress, red necklace, red earrings, red handbag and red shoes. So avoid over-matching your jewelry. It is always fun and eye-catching to wear mismatched jewelry. If you are wearing a red necklace, try wearing gold dangler earrings and go easy with bracelets as well.

You can implement the same idea with your clothes as well. Always try to mismatch your top and bottom in a unique way, keeping a theme and complementary colors so they don’t look so out of place.

Be creative. Dress up eccentric. Build on inspiration.

Have fun with your fashion jewelry and discover your personal style. 




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