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Eye-catching crystal colored bracelet for the December born

March 13, 2017

Eye-catching crystal colored bracelet for the December born

If you are a December born baby this bracelet was made for you. The blue zircon December Birthstone Symbology Bracelet has the right eye-catching color.

December birthdays have three different gemstones Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Zircon. Each of these pretty birthstones carries a unique blue shade making it a perfect birthstone for December winters. Though Zircon can be found in various colors, the blue color is highly overwhelming and one of the everyone’s favorites.

Most of the people think of a sky blue color when they hear about Zircon, but it is also available in many other beautiful colors such as yellow, brown, orange, dark red and earth tones of green. But the most popular colors of Zircon remain to be bright Caribbean Sea colors and vivid blue.

Zircon in the middle ages was known to bring prosperity, aid in resting and being honor and wisdom in its owner. Blue zircon can range from pastel to very bright blue shades. Other colors of Zircon include orange, red, yellow, green, gray, brown and colorless. The difference in the colors of zircon is caused by the impurities. The color can also be changed using heat treatment.

Our Birthstone Bracelet collection includes a very pretty December Birthstone Charm Bracelet. The stone on this beautiful bracelet is believed to have the ability to aid the wearer in loving herself as well as other around. It also increases the self-confidence of the wearer and opens up the heart and brings compassion. 

This December birthstone is also known to be a stone that motivates and inspires to the wearer and gives guidance when needed, thus helping them to achieve their goals. It is believed to bring prosperity especially the gold and yellow colored stones.

If you are born in December, you are very special and lucky. Being one of the favorite months of most of the people around the world, this is the most festive and merry month.

Now, it’s time to add some special zing to your already existing awesome month. Love, live and celebrate another great year of your life, but never forget to keep it sensational.