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Embrace change and trust your wings

March 13, 2017

Embrace change and trust your wings

Butterflies are very powerful and deep presentations of life. There are many cultures that associate these beautiful creatures with our souls. Around the globe, people believe that the butterfly represents change, hope, life, and endurance.

Imagine your whole life changing in such a way that you are not recognizable at the end of your transformation. This is exactly what a butterfly goes through and transforms from an egg to a beautiful butterfly. This tiny creature undergoes a massive amount of transformation.

Our Spinning Inspirational Message Necklace, Believe is meaningful, beautiful and empowering in its own way. A finely detailed crystal butterfly on this Spinning Inspirational Message Necklace embellishes the front of this pendant and the reverse side of the pendant is inscribed with the message “Believe-Trust your wings and fly. Amazing things will happen when you follow your dreams”. This bracelet is a constant reminder to chase your dreams and believe in yourself and your abilities.

The deepest symbolic meaning of the butterfly is that it teaches us to accept the changes in our life without any stress just like it does. The butterfly embraces all the changes and challenges of its body and environment and grows stronger.

It also teaches us to have faith and believe in ourselves when we undergo transitions in our life. When someone new comes our way, we should not freak out and stop chasing our dreams, but embrace the changes and move forward.

The center disc on this inspirational necklace freely floats within the decorative frame and turns when worn showing both the sides of the disc. The delicate chain of the necklace is dotted with tiny metal beads and has a sophisticated long length of 32” which is perfect for layering. This bracelet is currently available in brass and silver of your choosing.