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Elephants: Virtue of patience and loyalty

March 13, 2017

Elephants: Virtue of patience and loyalty

Elephants mainly symbolize honor, stability, strength and patience. In the western culture, the upward trunk is believed to bring you good luck and the downward trunk is a symbol of mourning. We can understand the most symbolic meaning of this animal by observing it in its nature. This animal is specifically considered a symbol of responsibility because they take great care and responsibility of its elders as well as their offspring. It also has great determination and is immensely loyal, always stands up against others and defends the members of the group in its natural habitat. They also express advanced social connection and sensitivity particularly during the time of death.

Our elephant charm bangle bracelet can be gifted to those who are dear to you as it is a sign of trust and loyalty. Although powerful and mighty, the elephant is also a symbol of wisdom, patience and loyalty thus making it a very meaningful charm. Patience is one of the main attributes of this animal. Even though it has a very large size, the speed does not equal to the size. But it relies on patience and conscious thought to meet all it needs efficiently. As a bonus, the unturned trunk on this expandable elephant charm bangle is also a sign of good fortune.

The various signs and symbols we come across cultivate their meaning according to the context, time culture, and society. But it is more important that we have our own meanings and perspectives.

Everyone has a special someone whom we can definitely count on may be our buddies, spouse or family. Gift this elephant charm bracelet to that special person and let me know how much you are about them and their good luck and fortune.

Wear this Symbology Elephant Charm Bracelet and be inspired to think big and stay strong!

Until next time, don’t forget to keep it sensational.