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Don’t look back; you’ll miss what lies in front of you

March 13, 2017

Don’t look back; you’ll miss what lies in front of you

If you keep your sight behind, you’ll miss out on the opportunities in front of you. You need to learn to leave the past where it belongs and never look back because looking back is not going to help you.

Isn’t It very encouraging to know what your future is a blank canvas and you can paint it with every beautiful color? Our engraved don't look back simple truths necklace will reminder you of the beautiful picture you are about to paint each time you wear it.

Each one of us has mistakes and failures of the past. To be successful you need to keep learning from all your mistakes and move on but never dwell on them. You need to make a choice every day to keep your sight in front and heart open for new possibilities and leave the past behind you.

Don’t look back simple truths necklace reminds you that when you find the reason to walk, you need to keep walking. It is always better to walk and get lost once in a while than being stranded. Living in the past is lonely and will cause strain and lead to unhappiness and negativity for you and the people around you.

The uplifting message on this simple truth necklace “don’t look back, that’s not where you’re going” is engraved on four sides of a pretty silver bar pendant of 1.25”. This is an inspiring message which reminds you to focus on what you have left and stop focusing on what you have lost.

When you look back in life it should not be out of anger, anxiety or fear but experience and awareness. This tri-tone charm simple truths necklace is finished with a crystal arrow and a compass to always help you and guide your way. The chain length of the necklace is adjustable between 17” to 20”.

From this day onwards when you look back in the past, learn and move forward for the better possibilities. Remember that you have a blank canvas and you are the only artist that can fill it with a beautiful artwork.

Until next time, don’t forget to keep it sensational.