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Distance doesn’t matter for something thats always in your heart

March 13, 2017

Distance doesn’t matter for something thats always in your heart

If you have a long distance BFF, a daughter abroad or a sibling miles apart, we have a perfect little piece of jewelry for you to showcase your emotions. Our Stamped With Love Necklace, Together Or Apart is a perfect gift to let your daughter, sister or best friend know that the distance will never change your relationship with them. Though miles may lie between you’ll and you might not talk to each other every single day, it will not affect how you feel about them.

The swirled stamped necklace has a quote “together or apart you’re always in my heart” also accompanied by the pretty little love and forever charms which deliver a very heart-tugging message of unconditional love between you and them.

This Stamped With Love, Together Or Apart Necklace reminds you that distance means very little when the person you love means so much. These are the people who make you feel amazing in spite of being thousands of miles away from you and without them, you feel incomplete.

Imagine the immense joy and surprise when your loved one opens the package and finds this meaningful Stamped With Love, Together Or Apart Necklace which connects them to you. There is nothing greater than the smile on your loved one’s face and knowing that the reason behind the smile is you.

The pain of missing someone who is miles apart from you is very hard. But it gets better as the days pass by as it gets you closer to the day you will see them next.

No matter how far your loved one is, true love and friendship always continue to grow even over the longest of distances.

So the next time you look at your Stamped With Love, Together Or Apart Necklace, remember that your loved one is not far away from your heart and you will only grow to love them more over time. And while you are apart, you have your beautiful KIS Necklace to keep you bonded.

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